Ferdaus Amzah — Brand Strategist & Designer

What if every good business can be more meaningful to their customers?

Ferdaus Amzah — Brand Strategist & Designer

What if every good business can be more meaningful to their customers?

Here’s the situation:

A lot of good businesses and organisations out there have bad branding & design.

As I spent my years in this industry, working with all sorts of clients from various backgrounds, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work especially with clients whose work is making a difference in the world.

If you are an entrepreneur, you are a very important person with a very important job to do. Your success would mean the creation of jobs. It would mean putting food on the table for many families. My old boss once told me that one of the biggest injustice is for an entrepreneur to quit. This noble pursuit in life deserves all the help it can get to ensure the fulfilment of your vision to make the world a better place, in any shape or form.

It is my most sincere belief that with good branding and design, you stand a much better chance to achieve your goals.


It’s that gut feeling you have towards a product, business, brand, organisation or person.

Think about your favourite brand right now. However you are feeling towards it has been a product of careful brand strategy. The process of branding is both an art and science of creating meaning for an idea, a vision or a purpose, and making sure that meaning is aligned with the people you are trying to reach.

What happens when you are able to connect with your audience or customers at a deep and meaningful level? Your brand would become ingrained. Apart from tremendous growth in reach and awareness, it will definitely help with your business objectives — whether it is to meet a certain revenue figure or whatever else it might be.


Every good business deserves great design to help deliver clear messaging to the people that matter. Human beings favour aesthetics. That’s a fact. We love beautiful things. We pay more attention to them. It’s just how we’re built.

Extending aesthetics to functionality is where design really shines. When applied to branding, we are talking about the experience surrounding the brand. What would a well designed brand experience look like? What will it do to your business?

Great design in branding creates impact. It creates momentum and prompts action. It delights the user, audience or customer from the very moment they got introduced to your brand till the moment they rave about their experience to their friends and family. As a wise man once told me, “Your customers are your best sales people”

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Hi, I’m Ferdaus

I founded a branding & marketing agency called Neu Entity and am also the lead strategist there. I help businesses and their leaders fulfil their purpose through executing on their brand strategy. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few things from a few masters and mentors and I’d like to share them with you.
    • Doing branding & design since 2004
    • Founded Neu Entity in 2014
    • Co-author of Flow by WGL Books
    • Worked with more than 100+ clients to date
    • Previously held a Lead Creative for Asia position at a global HR Tech firm
    • Worked with big brands such as Singapore Airlines, Starbucks, and Allianz

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with these amazing brands over the years