It’s why we do what we do.


I believe in living a purposeful life.

While there are some universal truths out there, I personally believe in the responsibility I have as a member of the human race, to fulfil the purpose of why we are put on this Earth.

Part of that purpose is to use the knowledge and skills I have, to do good. That’s just my way of being grateful for the gifts given to me.

I’ve spent more than a decade (since 2004) in this industry of branding and design. Six of those years saw me working in a HR tech company, where I first learnt about branding but from a unique perspective.

The job that changed everything

In the company, we believed and championed the concept of employer branding — to create a culture within the organisation that takes good care of employees and getting them aligned with the vision, allowing them to experience meaning in their work. We believed in getting our employees to ‘work happy’. The fulfilled employee will do the best work he can. And the company places high importance on the nurturing and development of the people.

This had made me believe in approaching branding from the inside out. Taking care of your people as your family. Ensuring their happiness and alignment with your vision and purpose… that, to me, is where branding starts.

In that company I saw how my work impacts the clients we serve, in telling their story. We helped them create employer brands so that their people will be more united, motivated and productive. I saw the impact of good design, and good branding in big companies like Starbucks, Allianz, Save the Children etc

And I wish to take this to the world.

Neu Entity

In the third quarter of 2014, I left the company. With my bosses continuing to mentor me and coming on as board members, I began my journey into entrepreneurship, with the vision of helping fellow entrepreneurs fulfil their purpose through executing on their brand strategy. Neu Entity was founded.

Almost 5 years in, I can never truly express how grateful I am that I get to do this every single day, and to be able to work with people that share the same vision as I do.

Recently, I’ve passed the leadership of the company to our trusted CEO, Hanafi. I’m focussing more on working with clients on a strategic level to help them figure out the pieces before our agency start executing on them.

Live life purposefully, my friends. Every day is a gift.

I’d love to hear about your journey to discovering your purpose. Text me for coffee.

Live life purposefully.
Every day is a gift.