The Neu Entity Brand Experience Model.

Here’s a framework you can use to think about your brand strategy and execution.

The Neu Entity Brand Experience model is our way to illustrate an iterative process to building your brand — whether it’s your corporate business brand or even your own personal brand, this model can be used to think through the areas you probably should pay attention to, in order to build a solid brand that means something to whoever you are trying to reach.

Why is it iterative?

Years of experience working with tech startups has taught me to build fast, learn and build better. Back in uni, I was introduced to the Agile methodology in the software development life cycle module. It struck me that this methodology can be applied in branding as well.

While you can still spend a lot of time and resources trying to get it right the first time, it often makes more sense to apply the ‘LEAN’ ideology — whereby you validate, test then go-to-market.

However, if it’s a rebrand of an already established business, this iterative approach works well too because the rebrand is technically a second iteration of the brand.

The flexibility of NBX

Depending on your needs at the current time, you can actually start at any point in the NBX. If launching a marketing campaign is of utmost importance, then go for it. There’s a way to piece together the bare essentials to launch, but bear in mind that there will be a lot of assumptions that go into it. Of course, as you progress, you will eventually uncover the other strategic aspects and coupled with good data, you will have better insights that’ll allow you to make better strategic decisions to impact the next round of execution.

I hope to do a video to explain NBX in more detail and have it uploaded here, so please check back soon!

Neu Entity Brand Experience

Scroll down for details on each Section of the NBX


Why are you doing what you do? How does your business model allow you to fulfil that purpose? How are you communicating this internally and externally?


Who are you selling to, or who are you trying to reach? How is their journey like, from first knowing about you all the way to being an advocate for your brand?


Describe how your brand is perceived. What is your audience like? How do you sound like, as a brand? What are the emotional benefits and what makes you different?


Crafting your value proposition, understanding your competitors and creating a perceptual map that highlights how you are the perfect fit for your customers.


Objectively list and brainstorm what needs to happen for everything we have strategised to be successful, then prioritising it based on obtainability and importance.


Where are the places that your brand will exist? Web, physical, phone call? How will you communicate appropriately at each touch point?


How does your brand look and feel? From the pinnacle that is the logo, to the underlying systems and design direction. How will it look like applied on to the right brand messaging?


Activation of the brand and hitting the market with the right activities. What are the tactics that are appropriate for your brand based on our strategy?

Wish to discuss further on how NBX can help your brand? Give me a shout.