Advice vs Execution
Author : Ferdaus Amzah • @theferdaus
January 22, 2019 • 3 minute read
Category : Featured

Conveniently, there is an expert trekker with you and he knows exactly how to traverse through those rapids safely, across to the other side.

You, on the other hand, have zero confidence and will probably slip and fall to your doom.

Obviously, you ask the trekker to help you.

Imagine that you are on an adventure deep in nature and you come across some rapids.

If all he did was to talk to you and point out tips and tricks for getting across safely, would you go for it?

He’d go pointing at certain spots where your foot should step on and pointing at other spots he suggests avoiding. Does that give you confidence?

Even though you trust him and acknowledge him as an expert, the verbal guides he gave do not give you much assurance.

What if… he had said, “I know you’re trying to get to the other side, and this is a very dangerous path… but, I’ll help you get there.”

And after telling you where to step, he literally helps you across the rapids, going together with you.

And should you slip, he will support you and not let you fall.

Will you be more confident of this arrangement?

Question is… what is each approach worth to you.

If someone were to just give you the ‘blueprints’ to a successful business, and not be with you while you struggle through… is that more valuable than someone who works with you to design that ‘blueprint’ and help you execute on it?

In reality, we pay a lot more money to consultants and coaches who do little to keep us accountable or help us with the execution.

Yes, their advice are gold, but we all know how difficult starting a business can be… and without the right push, or the right assets, these advice… they are quite hard to carry out.

Any precious guide, advice, knowledge, strategy (whatever you call them) lose value when you don’t execute on it.

If you are gonna go learn about business, branding, marketing, etc… find people who can help you through it, rather than simply lecture you about it.

Because, should you slip, they will support you and make sure you don’t fall.